Sunday, January 31, 2010

Forever and Always

She was a beautiful young girl. Her name was Paige.Her eyes were a tinted blue that as he comments ” You could stare into them for hours…” He meant the world to her. She would gladly die for him. His name was Dokota.His hair was so brown it looked black. At first it was just some small crush but the night he told her he thought he was falling for her you could hear her haert pounding in her cheast. They knew they were meant for each other. There was of course a small kind of big problem. He, Dokota, had a girlfriend. Now you would think he would tell this girl he was with, that it was over. Well he couldn’t. He still had feelings left for this other girl. He called Paige every night to let her know he still cared that he still had feelings left for her. He sang her songs, played his guitar. Just for her. Then rummors flew and they got around to her. The rummors said that he was in love with other girls and even her bestfriend tried telling her he was playing her. ( which he realy was.) She of course knew the whole time what he was doing, she didn’t care. She REALY did love him. So she thought “just as long as he pretended to love me I could make it through.” She knew that without him she would be nothing. She wanted to forget about him. She tried day after day. Trying got even harder. Still she had to try. But, the only thing that came were the tears he would never get to see the tears he would never help her wipe away. To this day they are still not together but in her heart she will always want and need him, she will always love. ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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