Sunday, January 31, 2010

Prince Charming? Really?

I spent many years searching for my prince charming. My expectations were high but beyond what I ever thought I deserved.
I had a first marraige based completely off of having children with my childrens father…it didn’t work!
One day about a year after my divorce I went to a gathering of friends and I saw a man who literaly took my breath away. The setting was open where each of us could speak at leisure and very comfortable. Brent began to speak and the whole room stopped to listen to him and what he had to say, at that moment I was swept off my feet before he’d even met me. At the end of the gathering I looked at him thinking he’s too good for you but just give it a shot. So I asked for his number, he gave it to me! From that point we talked every free moment we had.
I told him I had three children and he proceeded to tell me he did as well. Between us our six children ranged from two yrs old to seventeen yrs old.
I have no perfect way to explain how this all came together so perfectly, but we have now been together for six yrs with our six children and it is still wonderful! I am so happy and so blessed that some power greater than me made it possible for us to meet!
At the begining of this story I said I had high expectations of men, but what I found is, I would have sold myself so short by searching out those qualities I thought I wanted!
My hope for everyone in this world is to find this kind of love and realize that our typical version of “Prince Charming” is not even comparable to real love!


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